Monday, September 28, 2009

Yay for deities

Looks like whatever beneficent deity or deities may exist, they've been asleep at the wheel again. It's almost as if the universe as a whole does not care about humanity, one way or another. Scenes like this just reinforce stupid religious memes, and send theists scurrying around to find some reason for destruction that has befallen them. The simplest reason, that there is no god to stop or even care about these tragedies, always seems to escape them.

Of course, some people like to peddle a supernatural explanation for such events:

Felix Alcala is thankful for the medicines that will help his children fight infection and fever. However, he said what touched him more was the prayer of the counselor for him.

"I felt joy and a sense of hope when the counselor prayed for me," Alcala said. "Most of us have forgotten about God and maybe that is why we got the flood. It's a reminder for us to turn back to God."

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