Friday, August 28, 2009

More stupidity from Kent Hovind

Kent Hovind(the moronic creationist who was recently put in prison for tax evasion) is till spouting stupidity. This time, it is in regards to the situation at the Pace High School in Florida, where the principal, Frank Lay, is facing possible jail time for violating an agreement to cease religious activities on school grounds. In an open letter to Lay, Hovind suggests that Lay should remove evolution from his schools as well, as it is a religion:
If what I read on, June 4, is true, ACLU attorney Benjamin Stevenson said school officials have a responsibility to “protect the silently held religious views of others” and to be sure that no one will “impose their religious views” on others. One headline read, “Religion Banned from Santa Rosa Schools.”

If this is indeed what the court and the ACLU intend then you need to begin removing the religion of evolution from your school’s textbooks, tests, classes, and videos shown in class immediately! You certainly don’t want to be held in contempt of court!

What a stupid bastard. But this is to expected. What really hit was some of the comments, especially this one:
I am a high school science teacher in southern California. I agree with what Dr. Hovind has said above 100%. The public schools are hypocrites! They use the laws of the land to manipulate people into following their wicked agenda. Evilution is not science it is a religion.
This is from a user called "BadBob," who needs to be fired from his position as a science teacher immediately.

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