Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why have this blog?

After reading some silliness on Mark Shea's blog about PZ Meyers, I pondered this question. Why do I bother writing about God if I don't believe in him. The answer is simple, actually.
Everywhere you turn, things reference God. God did this, God did that. This group built a multi-million dollar church for God. This man blew himself and 10 innocent bus passengers up for God. This man flew a plane into a tower for God. This woman protests funerals to tell us how God hates us.
I honestly think that Christians see themselves as persecuted because they swim in a fountain of God-ism all the time. They don't notice the vast sea of theism that they live in. They only feel the occasional discomforts when they run into someone who doesn't buy into their fairytale.
So, Mark, you want to know why I feel compelled to talk about God?
Because faith demands it. Not my faith: yours, and those like you.
People kill each other over the type of fairy tales you espouse.
People try to control others using precepts taken directly from your holy books.
People try to warp the minds of children because of religious precepts.
Everywhere I look, there is someone trying to save me. There is someone trying to make me buy into the latest fad of ignorance. There is someone who wants to teach my children about their (god/prophet/imam/whatever).
In short, my life is surrounded by irrational people who get worked up over irrational beliefs and react in irrational(and often times, outright dangerous) ways. And these people include those who have sent people off to die in wars. It includes those who have their finger on weapons of mass destruction.
I strive to see the day when perhaps my kids will sleep a little more soundly at night, because the crazed yahoos are finally corralled.
You worship one of the bloodiest deities ever invented, and you wonder why I would like to see your religion erased?
It's self preservation, Mark. That's why I fight you. Because your religions are cancers. And you either kill the cancer, or the cancer kills you.

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